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Happy Happy Hounders.





"If you work with Jill consider yourself extraordinarily lucky! I've worked with trainers, read training/behavior books, & I've lived with dogs all my life. I've never met anyone who was so able to get inside a dog' head as Jill. She's professional, funny, easygoing & I found her to be supportive to both me & my dog. She's a PLEASURE to work with & I cannot recommend her highly enough! Do it for yourself. Do it for your pet!" Lydia M. in Middletown, VA

"I highly recommend Jill Freifeld. Despite having many years of experience rescuing Scottish terriers, Jill's counsel has provided many "Aha" moments. The challenges I've faced with my very smart, young terrier using what I've learned from Jill have me looking forward to continuing to learn, to have fun, and best of all, appreciate my relationship with him." - Maria Y. in Olney, MD

"I totally admire Jill and her team because of their in-depth knowledge of how to read dog behavior. Their philosophy of training is rooted in positive reinforcement and immediate reward. Sasha, my Maltese, absolutely loves her training sessions with Jill privately in our home or in a group setting. The atmosphere is always light, safe, sensible and fun for all!" - Heide F. in Washington, DC

"Thanks, Jill! We all love Buster even more than before, thanks to you and his newfound manners and obedience! Thanks!" - Alan P. in VA

"Thank you so much Jill! Your class helped me and Penny in numerous  ways. You are a wonderful instructor!" - Cecilia S. in VA

"I just wanted to let you know that Willow's responding really well to the "$1,000 treat" technique. She's not as skittish around strangers, & she'll now take treats from my mom. It's working so well that Willow now follows her to the kitchen & sits because she knows that she's going to get the good stuff. We couldn't be happier with the results! Thanks again for putting us on the right path to communicating with Willow & helping her overcome her anxieties!" - Jess P. in Berryville, VA

"I had new patio doors installed today. Taylor watched from inside the house. At first he barked at the men and headed for my bedroom but I got the treats out and worked on Look at That. He got quiet and was able to watch the men working without barking. Very proud of him today! Lots of traffic in the house lately with less barking." - Daria I. in Inwood, WV

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. Anna and I learned so much attending the class. Thanks again for such a great experience." - B.B. in MD

"Thank you for everything you have done for us and Sammy! He has really come out of his shell with the combination of training and opportunity to socialize with the other dogs." - Patrick S. in VA

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