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Private, in-home dog training and behavior modification services are available within a 1-hour drive of Boonsboro, MD.


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Service Dog Phase 5

Service Dog Phase 5 class covers:

  • Continuing the behaviors learned in previous classes

  • Frequent public outings to generalize and proof Stay, Heel, Side, Leave It, Polite Greetings, Under, etc.

  • Continued handler-specific task training 


Graduation requirements to enroll in Phase 6:

  • Attend at least five out of six classes

  • Sit and Down while walking in Heel position in public

  • Sit, focus on handler, and ignore person who approaches and chats with handler in public

  • Leave It with various objects, food, merchandise, and people in public

  • Down-Stay in public for three minutes while handler moves five feet away

  • Down-Stay in public with handler out of sight for 30 seconds

  • Down-Stay w/handler away and dog passes by

  • Additional requirements to be determined according to handler-specific tasks training and public access manners progress


Service Dog 5 class meets for 60 minutes on Wednesday evenings each week at Peaceable Paws in Fairplay, MD. Enrollment is limited to 6 dogs per class. Prerequisite: Graduation from Service Dog Phase 4 class. 

Service Dog Phase 5 class will be offered in the summer 2020. Please check Peaceable Paws' website for the exact start date.

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