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Service Dog Phase 1

Phase 1 class is for you whether you want to pursue more advanced training or are on the path to training your own service dog. Learn the next steps for cues learned in Basic Good Manners class, including Wait, Come, Polite Greetings, Settle, Leave It, Touch, and more! You'll work on increasing your dog's focus and ability to remain calm with other dogs nearby. Increase impulse control and thinking skills, and train more advanced behaviors including Heel and Stay.


While anyone who has taken our Basic Good Manners Class (or receives instructor approval) can take our Service Dog Program classes, there will be stringent requirements for graduates of the program to receive our "Service Dog Program" certificate. Non-service dog students will receive a graduation certificate.

Phase 1 includes:

  • Building on the behaviors learned in Basic Good Manners class

  • Exercises to build impulse control

  • Adding offered eye contact to Polite Greetings, as well as how to release your dog to “Say Hello” to someone

  • Strengthening your dog’s focus

  • Training to sit after coming

  • How to transition Leave It to objects

  • Generalizing Wait

  • Increasing Settle duration

  • Introducing Heel

  • Training Stay, including how to incorporate duration, distance, and distractions

  • Transitioning Touch to “Push”


Graduation requirements to enroll in Phase 2:

  • Attend at least five out of six classes

  • Leave It with various objects on the floor

  • Dogs sits and makes eye contact with handler when approached

  • Come from 15’ and sit in front of handler

  • Heel calmly past other dogs

  • Down-Stay for two minutes

  • Sit-Stay for 30 seconds

  • Maintain or regain focus with moderate distractions


Service Dog Phase 1 class meets for 60 minutes on Tuesday evenings for six weeks at Peaceable Paws in Fairplay, MD. Enrollment is limited to 6 dogs per class. Prerequisites: Basic Good Manners class & attending the free Service Dog Information Session

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