Boarding School

Currently booking 7 and 10 day stays during Memorial Day holiday week 2021!

We'll do the hard work so you don't have to. This isn't your average board n' train or "boot camp" program. The way it works: your dog stays with the trainer in her home, so your dog essentially becomes her dog and good manners training takes place 24 hours a day. Since we only accept one Boarding School student at a time, your dog gets all of the trainer’s attention. Just tell us how long you can part with your dog, how much to feed, where to sleep (in a comfy crate or snuggled in bed), and what cues and behaviors you want us to cover. Boarding School students have several training sessions throughout the day, go on daily walks, enjoy mental stimulation, play impulse control games, and play with other friendly dogs (with your permission and at the trainer’s discretion).

We’ll get your dog’s good manners jump-started and it’ll be up to you to maintain his or her training at home. Don't worry - you won't be on your own when your dog returns from Boarding School - we'll run through your dog's newly learned skills with you and be there to help troubleshoot along the way. It's important to remember that every dog is an individual with a different aptitude for learning. Your dog’s training progress, including generalization (responsiveness in different locations) and proofing (responsiveness with distractions) will depend on the length of his or her stay with us. More time = more solidly trained behaviors.










What's the difference between the three packages? The longer your dog stays with us, the more solidly trained he or she will be. It basically comes down to how much follow-up time and energy you’ll be able to commit to your dog’s training after his or her Boarding School stay. Dog training is a life-long process, so it'll be up to you to maintain what he or she learns. The more time we have to work with your dog, the further along he or she will be in the training process, which means less training maintenance for you.

Our pricing includes picking up and dropping off your dog within a 30-minute drive (not available for dogs with motion sickness), daily progress reports during your dog’s stay, a “hand-off” session to review your dog’s cues, a 1-hr. session in your home to “brush up” on or troubleshoot trained behaviors, tip sheets with instructions for all trained cues, and unlimited email support for questions related to trained behaviors.​

​The not-so-small print.

  • Boarding School is not appropriate for dogs who have a bite history or exhibit aggressive behavior toward people or other animals, or who have other severe behavior issues – contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you and your dog in your home.

  • Minimum Boarding School stay is seven days.

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your reservation, and the remaining 50% balance is due at drop-off.

  • Proof of current rabies and Distemper/Parvovirus combination vaccinations is required, and your student must be on an oral or topical flea and tick preventative. If fleas are discovered during your dog’s stay, he or she will be treated for fleas and an additional fee will be applied.

  • You are responsible for providing your dog’s food during his or her stay.

  • Boarding School students must be reliably housetrained and able to be crated or tethered with other dogs present.

Call us at (301) 660-9203 or email to discuss your training goals.

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10 Days
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