Private, in-home dog training and behavior modification services are available within a 1-hour drive of Boonsboro, MD.

(301) 660-9203

Advanced Manners/Service Dog 2

Take your training to the next level with more advanced service dog task training. You'll continue to strengthen your dog's ability to ignore distractions, automatically sit and focus on you when people approach, Heel, Stay and more! Train your dog to heel on your right side, lie down under tables, back up, push buttons and doors and "Hold" and "Give" objects. Teach your dog the valuable skill of learning through "Shaping," which builds confidence, increases your dog's thinking and problem-solving ability, and gives you a useful technique to train countless behaviors.  

Each class is 60 minutes. 6 dog limit per class. Prerequisites: Intermediate Good Manners/Service Dog 1 class.

Advanced Good Manners/Service Dog 2 class meets at Peaceable Paws in Fairplay, MD for 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings.

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